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Jan 22nd
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Meta Info

You may notice when you add content that there is sometimes an option to add "Meta Info".

The Metadata tab allows you to add meta description for your entry as well as keywords - this information will allow search engines like Google to easily index your content in their search results. Please, make sure to add meta information relevant to your content.

Keywords: These are individual words that you would want the search engines to see when it looks at your page - so you would put no more than 60 charactors worth of relevant keywords - each seperated by a comma.  The important thing is that these keywords are words that are found in your content. 

Description: This is one or two sentances (again not more than 60 charactors) describing your content.  Much of the time (but not always) this is the snippet that you see returned by the search engine in the search results.  So if you enter content for your consulting company - your description might read:  "Learn copywriting with Jim Kohl's special report -- The Super-duper Low Down of Writing copy for Success."




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